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Our story as a family

The start

When we left Germany in october 2021 we started travelling as a family - my wife Juliane, me and our son aged 4 at that time.

Being on an extended holiday in earlier 2021 the reasons to come back "home" somehow disappeared. So we decided to make that our lifestyle: hopping from one place to another when it feels right. And stay as long as it feels right.

at the beach

Tidy up

Before we were able to really let go we had to deal with different things. Dissolving two households and letting go of our other kids that stayed in Germany. Six months later we started into an open journey.

And until today we are still travelling in slomad style.

kids play on trampoline


While changing places more than once or twice in a lifetime we realized that it takes some effort to network and connect with other people with similar mindsets and values. If we even could find them.

Our son loves to connect with other kids his age and we also appreciate the time with others and the freedom that occurs when our son has buddies to play with.

This was the birth of : The place to connect with other nomad families!

kid hiding behind stone
Nomad Family App

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Nomad Family App

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Last but not least: It is of great value to me when you share this project with your friends and buddies around the world.
This is the momentum the community needs to grow and to build a strong network!