Thank you for connecting!

This is how to settle down on

1. Create an account

You create an account using this url:

In the app you will be asked to submit a username (e.g. your family's name or totally fictious) and your email address. After submitting the system sends you an confirmation mail with a token that you have to use to activate your account.

2. Activate your account

An activation token / activation url will be sent to the submitted email address. You can click on the link or copy the token and insert it at the activation page. After successfully activating your account you will be forwarded to the login page. You can now log into .

There will be a mechanism that deletes unactivated accounts within a few weeks so be sure to activate it at some point after signing up.

3. Set up your location

After logging in you find the map in the upper part of the screen an below a form where you can add information about you. You can enable Geolocation tapping the button "Locate my current position" and the map will find your current stay. Assuming you have Geolocation turned on on your device.

A tap on the map gives you the coordinates of that place and additionally puts them into the coordinates field of your user form.

4. Fill in some details

There are some more information you could provide, like languages, environment, living situation and additional notes. Also your kids age because finding other families to connect could mean you are looking for kids the same age.

After filling in some details you should provide your password and hit "save" to send it to the database and update your marker on the map.

Q: How to delete my account?

When you have the feeling it is not the time to be part of the platform anymore you can simply delete your account with a tap on the button at the very end of the page. No data will be left in the system after deleting it.

I will set up the system in a way that it will ask you some months after you updated your information if you still want to be part of the map. I assume we all live in a kind of a nomad style - some faster, some slower. But to be sure there is not too much outdated information on the map I will ask you to renew your information. That could simply be achieved by changing a small thing and hitting the "save" button again.

Q: What about my data?

First of all: I am not interested in your data. As far as it does not contribute to the idea of connecting families while travelling. You are always the master of all data you fill in on . I do not store any more data except the IP-adress from where it is submitted for security reasons.

So give your Family a name that is as meaningful and significant as necessary but you are free to fill in what you like.
Also setting up your location is totally up to you. It can be a totally fictitious place (which would not make any sense, though) or it could be an area in which you will reside within the next month. Whatever suits you.
I added an extra layer of security and the system rounds the coordinates to 3 digits everytime you fill them in.

So the place you specifiy is almost never the exact location where you clicked on the map.

How you can support

I really thank you for considering to support !

Head over to my support-the-platform-page: /support

Spread the word

Last but not least: It is of great value to me when you share this project with your friends and buddies around the world.
This is the momentum the community needs to grow and to build a strong network!