Your support is the fundament of

Marcus, founder and owner of Nomad Family Map

You are looking at my baby for months. I have been creating this platform out of the need to find buddies for our little son to be with and for us the freedom to be able to rely on a network of like-minded families.

Thousands of hours of work

A LOT of effort went into this project. This is a one man show. I so much liked the idea of having an app where I could find other nomad families to have buddies for my 5 yr old that I started and maintain this project.
To get it to work like that some hours and evenings of development work went into it. When it is of some value to you and your family I really appreciate your support!

Technical costs

Like every digital project has costs even if nobody is getting paid. These are provider costs and tools for backup, feedback and license fees etc. If you are able to support that it means a lot for me!

Living costs

While putting a decent amount of work into to create it and to keep it running, it is kind of limiting my ressources I could potentially put into other - paid - projects. I created this platform out of the wish of connecting with other open-minded families and appreciate your support on that, too!

How you can support

First of all the support is you using the platform. I thank you for that! When you signup, submit your location and find others that do the same the platform works and grows.

To support the development and maintenance of I would like you to consider what it is worth to you and how much you could contribute money wise.

To do so I set up a

Because we live in a modern world ;-) I also set up
a wallet for BTC: 38mvwzBTdnWusSPnwEuhzaq7Tk1tM14kfv
and one for ETH: 0x0E7C1913A0695D4f3E677A54daC50E207fe6B5d6

Be sure to pick the right adress for the right coin otherwise the transaction it will be lost.

Spread the word

Last but not least: It is of great value to me when you share this project with your friends and buddies around the world.
This is the momentum the community needs to grow and to build a strong network!